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Business Model Forecast - Financial forecast tool for startup - Free & easy

Business Model Forecast is a financial plan made by startup experts. It’s a super easy and free financial excel template.

Download Business Model Forecast for free at the bottom of the page!

Easily build your startup with financial planning !

Build your business model & strategy

Financial forecast helps entrepreneurs building great revenues models and sharp strategies. The Business Model Forecast was designed to do so easily and efficiently !

Check cash flow & build funding plan

A great startup project needs also a steady cash management. The Business Model Forecast helps you manage cash flow and define a realistic funding plan !

Refine & improve your startup project

No great startup comes-out from a magic hat! The Business Model Forecast is a powerful tool to test your assumptions and iterate to improve one or more business plans.

Export forecasts in your Business Plan

Complete the financial section of your Business Plan with a simple copy-paste to export forecasts you generated with the Business Model Forecast !



With the Business Model Forecast do financial forecast in 5 minutes without any knowledge in finance to test and build your Business Model ! Financial modeling has never been so easy !


The Business Model Forecast is a financial spreadsheet designed to be lightweight and compatible with most spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel, Open Office, Google Doc, …


The Business Model Forecast is free ! We are thrilled to help entrepreneurs building their startups. If you like our work, don’t forget to follow us on social networks !


If you want to, you can fully customize the Business Model Forecast to fit best to your needs, by creating new calculation tabs in your Excel spreadsheet …



The Business Model Forecast was designed by a startup expert to be both simple & reliable. Because most forecast are wrong, we believe a simple model is more relevant.



Keep control of confidential data about your business plan ! Your passionate project needs a secure Excel spreadsheet to avoid cloud tools storing your critical data.


Author of the Business Model Forecast

I wanted to share, with this financial tool, my passion and experience of entrepreneurship.

I am currently a “Venture Capitalist” in a seed fund investing in high-tech startups. Previoulsy I mentored around 50 IT startups in an incubator dedicated to high-tech projets during 5 years. I have also lived the entrepreneur experience by creating and selling mobile casual games on AppStore. I hold a Master Degree in IT and a Master in Entrepreneurship.

Please, follow me on social networks if you like this Business Model Forecast or if you want to contact me !

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