A free financial plan excel template for startup : Why ?

Why did we create Business Model Forecast, a free financial plan tool for startups, and decided to share it for free with entrepreneurs ?

That’s a pretty good question! At first sight, it feels weird to share a financial tool for free… “Business is business” … and even more when it comes to finance!

Heck! Maybe this tool is not that much good ?

Well, we hope not… :) At least, this is not why we decided to build and share our free financial tool! The Business Model Forecast was designed by startup expert (entrepreneur, startup advisor, venture capitalist, …). Years of experiences in building business models and financial plans gave us the understanding of what is really important in building a business and why financial forecasts are so necessary in this key process.

This experience leads us to develop for our own needs the Business Model Forecast, a super easy and effective financial tool for startups. Since then we are pleased to use our Business Model Forecast tool to quickly build financial plans to test and improve business models and strategies!

And because we are happy with it, we think it’s cool to share it with other entrepreneurs! We are convinced that the Business Model Forecast can fit to any entrepreneur willing to do some financial modeling to build a great business! That’s why he are happy to share it with you.

But why sharing it for free? Maybe it could be sold ?

Well, that’s true. We could sell it for few bucks… but we prefer to share it for free. There are already many financial tools already in the market… some are free and others can be super expensive. Competition is high, but still we think there is a need for a simple, yet effective, tool for startup to build financial plans. Most of other tools are pretty complicated, made by and for experts. There are also super web-app to build financial forecasts and manage cash along the startup life. There is also the possibility for entrepreneurs to build from scratch “homemade” super-excel-templates that would perfectly match their needs with thousand of cells and hypotheses…

But all these tools don’t really fit most entrepreneurs needs to quickly build business models and strategies. Finance is complicated. Forecasting future is usually considered as an irrelevant exercice. A good financial tool should help the entrepreneur to model himself a financial plan easily and quickly, without getting to complicated… The 80/20 is the rule to get the big picture without falling in the excel geekness (a dangerous disease for some entrepreneurs! :) ).

We are indeed convinced that finance seems complicated to most entrepreneurs and that forecasting can be a tough exercice. However, we believe that financial forecasting is a great exercice to structure a startup project. It helps modeling a business model with numbers to test and improve it. It helps to test and build strategies. It helps to define a funding plan… And, we believe that any entrepreneur should be able to do (and should do) financial plan to model its startup project. It’s a key step to success. That’s why we decided to share our Business Model Forecast for free.

The Business Model Forecast is thus a financial plan tool built as an excel template spreadsheet to help entrepreneurs building their startup. This tool was designed to be super easy to use for any entrepreneurs. It takes few minutes to fill-in information and to get results, even without any financial background. This tool was also designed to focuse the analysis on the essential : cash management and business model rentability. Nothing more.

So because of its simplicity and because all other “competitive” tools, we decided that it would be more awesome to share the Business Model Forecast for free!

Download our free financial plan tool, Business Model Forecast, here !

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