Launch !

Here it is! We’ve just lauched Business Model Forecast website, after few weeks of work!

And as usual, we have the privilege to celebrate this launch with a small blog post. A good opportunity to introduce on Business Model Forecast, without beeing too long (we will have plenty of time to go deeper in following posts).

So why did we create this website “Business Model Forecast”?

We wanted to share with entrepreneurs our Business Model Forecast tool, a free & easy financial excel stylesheet we created to help them embrace the capability of creating great stratups with strong business models and financial plannings. We designed this Business Model Forecast tool to be as easy as possible while giving great outputs to entrepreneurs to help them test & improve their business models & strategies.

We know, for beeing in startups ecosystem for years, that business modeling and financial planning are keys to success. Hence, all stratupers know some super tools, like the Business Model Canvas, to design great Business Model. But though few entrepreneurs like to make consistents financial forecast, because it’s either complicated to start from scratch without any knowledge in finance or financial tools are too hard/boring to use for most of us (designed by experts for experts…) !

It’s pretty common to hear in startup ecosystem that financial forecasts are useless because it’s almost impossible to predict future for startups. On contrary, we believe that it’s an extremly important and powerful work to do to improve business models and refine great strategies. Indeed, modeling financial forecasts is a difficult exercice, but it’s not totally random and their are techniques to model relevant forecasts.

We expect to share as well with this website our expertise on startups, especially on startups modeling with Business Model Forecast in following posts…

Why is it totally free?

We know that their are already many financial tools in the market, free or not. We believe our Business Model Forecast tool could be a great help for many entrepreneurs that are not confident with financial forecast, because it’s a super easy tool to use for anyone. We believe it’s a cool thing to give a hand to these entrepreneurs! We are thrilled if this tool can help them building great business. That’s why we decided to share our Business Model Forecast fo free.

Who are we ?

Business Model Forecast was designed and launched by Remi BERTHIER (see here). Remi has been an entrepreneur, a startup advisor and a venture capitalist. He has developped a great expertise on startup modeling, especially in  financial forecast. He has already launched a pretty easy and free financial tool in France, called “FISY“, download more than 150k times, dedicated to French accountable environment. Thanks to this experience, he decided to design an ever simpler and generic tool that could fit needs of entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

We hope you like try and like Business Model Forecast! Don’t forget to share it on social media! 😉

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