Startup Weekend financial plan tool

You are attending a Startup Weekend and you are looking for a financial plan tool ? Great! You have find what you are looking for with Business Model Forecast, an easy and free financial plan tool for startup !

Startup weekend & Business Model Forecast

It’s a smart idea to build a financial plan during a Startup Weekend !

During a Startup Weekend, the main goal is to build a great product-market fit with a tremendous business model. As we said in previous articles “Business modeling a startup without financial forecast ?” and “7 reasons to build a financial plan for startup”,  financial planning is a great exercice to build startup with great business model. So you are totally right when looking for a financial plan tool during a Startup Weekend to build the best business model ever! You are on a good way to win the Startup Weekend and to build an awesome startup! :)

Why Business Model Forecast is the best financial plan tool for Startup Weekend ?

Indeed, this is a good question because there are probably hundreds of financial tools out there…

Well, first of all, Business Model Forecast is 100% free to download and to use! You don’t even have to give any personnal data. For sure, it’s pretty cool ! 😉  Download there right now for free! If you want to understand why Business Model Forecast is free, you can find out here : “A free financial plan excel template for startup : Why ?”

Then, Business Model Forecast has been designed to be super easy. It’s super important for a Startup Weekend. You don’t have much time and maybe not much knowledge about finance. Business Model Forecast is so easy to use that almost anyone can be able to start building a financial plan in 5 minutes by filling-in few informations. If you are able to use a basic excel template, then you are up for running with Business Model Forecast! Indeed, it’s a simple excel template tool with few cells to fill in. With these information Business Model Forecast will give you a complete financial forecast : Profit & Loss, treasury details, break-even, … And of course, you can easily share you financial plan with your Startup Weekend team, as it is a simple excel stylesheet.

Screenshot 2 of the Business Model ForecastScreenshot 1 of the Business Model Forecast

Also, Business Model Forecast is fully customizable! You can easily add new tab to the excel template to customize the financial plan tool to your needs! Just unlock a tab you want to modify with a right click and then “Unprotect sheet”.

Last but not least, you can add your financial plan forecast in your final presentation in 2 seconds with a simple copy-paste!

For sure a presentation with a simple financial plan has great chance to receive positive feedbacks for the jury of the Startup Weekend! In 5 minutes of work building a financial plan you will show a much convincing startup project (while building a prototype will probably require you the whole Startup Weekend!).

You can download Business Model Forecast for free here :

Good luck with your Startup Weekend! :)


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